We are a young architectural studio based in Oslo & London. The three principals bring together a wealth of experience in a variety of scales - from the private house to the regional masterplan. They are unified by a deep interest in the profession, an acute attention to detail and a joy in the work, in all its stages. Imbedded in the StudioBua name is an interest in working with and improving the human habitat, the everyday spaces for living and the fundamental belief that our immediate surrounding inform who we are and can better our lives.

Mark Smyth is an Irish Architect and Interior Designer with extensive experience in the residential sector. Smyth joins Studio Bua from renowned London Studio, The Manser Practice. There he led projects ranging in scale from one-off private residences set in the English countryside to highrise, mixed-use developments in central London.

Sigrún Sumarliðadóttir is an Icelandic Architect with a background in Visual Arts. Sumarliðadóttir is practiced in the design, procurement and construction of Public Buildings in Norway. In her role as Project Architect at Oslo-based LMR Arkitekter, she has led a number of Public projects, including schools in Kautokeino and Bærum. Sumarliðadóttir is our resident linguist, speaking fluently in English, Norwegian, Italian, Danish, Dutch & Icelandic.

Giambattista Zaccariotto is an Italian Architect-Urbanist. His work focuses on contemporary cities, engaging with complex and critical situations to define both problems and opportunities. Although this process is grounded in architectural theory, Zaccariotto has the ability to translate our client’s high level visions and strategies into concrete, sustainable and rational interventions.

Professional affiliations include: Asplan Viak Oslo, Studio Secchi-Vigano' Milano, West 8 Rotterdam. 

Academic affiliations include: IUAV Venezia, TU Delft, AHO Oslo.