Studio Bua
Architecture & Interiors

E17 House

Built in the 1920s, this three-bedroom terrace house is part of the Warner Estate in Walthamstow, northeast London.

The client, who had purchased the property as their first home, approached us to help them transform it from a state of disrepair into a modern, fully functional residence. Although initially briefed to design an extension, given the client’s budgetary constraints and eagerness to move in as soon as possible, we came up with a solution that would overhaul the property within the existing shell, while staying well within budget.

On the ground floor, we removed several internal partitions in order to create a spacious open-plan, dual-aspect area for living, cooking and dining. We also opened up the existing brick garden façade to allow light to spill into the space, as well as offer views from the space out into the garden. Upstairs, the cramped bathroom was replaced with a pared-down shower room with a dark green ceiling and plenty of space to accommodate our client’s beloved house plants in style.

We also oversaw a light-touch refurbishment that involved stripping away some of the interior’s finishes and false walls to reveal some distinctive original features, as well as modernising it with a vividly contemporary colour palette.