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e3 studio, oslo

A modernist Oslo landmark, the Enerhaugen Borettslag buildings were built over a three-year period from 1962-1965. Designed by Norwegian architect Sofus Hougen, the complex occupies a unique position in the city’s east side.

Our client, a couple living in a small apartment within the complex, tasked us with a refurbishment that would transform their home–which remained largely unchanged since it was first constructed in the 1960s–into a contemporary space that could meet their needs.

To achieve this, we settled on a light refurbishment. Retaining many of the apartment’s original materials and furnishings which, though worn, were still valuable, we were able to both reimagine and modernise the property without losing its innate qualities.

The apartment’s original linoleum floor, textile wall tapestry and parts of the kitchen furnishing were refreshed, while we added a steel front to the kitchen to lend it a more contemporary feel. At the end of the living space, we added a bespoke storage space in the same steel cover so as to both create a sense of depth and optimise the reflection of light throughout. Semi-transparent partitions were used to divide the old kitchen and create a new bedroom, which we furnished with a bespoke folding bed to maximise space efficiency.