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Studio Bua Selected Work - Architecture and Interiors

With offices in London and Oslo, we are a young architectural studio offering a different point of view.

United by rigour, enthusiasm and a multi-disciplinary approach, our three principals–Mark Smyth, Sigrún Sumarliðadóttir and Giambattista Zaccariotto–bring together a wealth of expertise in a variety of scales, from residential interiors to urban design.

Since starting out in 2015, we have realised a number of ambitious and concept-driven projects, including the renovation of an Icelandic farmhouse and cultural centre, the extension of a townhouse in London’s Chelsea, as well as several transformative urban projects in northeastern Italy.

Derived from the Icelandic word for ‘inhabit’, our studio name reflects our keen interest in honing the human habitat while embracing cultural and historical qualities. Combining a deep appreciation for quality craftsmanship and mastery of technology with a collaborative, hands-on approach, we work to refine and elevate everyday spaces in the belief that it is our immediate surroundings that inform not just who we are, but how best we can live.